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A Student Information System is also defined as a Student Management System, Student Information Management System, or Student Record System, which is a software solution developed to assist schools. It helps to track and manage all the student data. If you have a school management system through which you can easily manage grades, attendance, behavioral information, and more.

Basically, Student information system assists as the core database for all school operations, and over the past few years, many of them have also incorporated additional features and modules to manage administrative tasks

Functionalities of Student Information Management

  • Online Admission Requests
  • Student Profile
  • Educational Information
  • Student Fee and Dues Management
  • Mark Sheets
  • Student Login Information
  • Student ID Card Generation
  • Import/ Export Students through Excel Sheet
  • Student Quota
  • Transfer Student
  • Student Attendance
  • Student SMS
  • Student Details
  • Student Admission
  • Guardian Report
  • ¬†Student History
  • Student Login Credential
  • Student Categories
  • Student House
  • Disabled Students